We tackle challenges in the places we live, work and play.

Through creative engagement, impactful design and quality delivery, we help cities, governments and organisations to improve the lives of the people they serve.

From reframing highstreets, to new models of education, playful interventions, regenerative tourism or improved community wellbeing, we cut through the red tape, take risk, see the bigger picture and challenge the status quo.


In a world of black and white we play in grey

Whilst some forms of science and engineering deal in the black and white, the world we live in is more complicated. People are unpredictable, problems are open ended, solutions are innumerable, contexts are unique and everything is interconnected. From highstreets to education, climate to tourism we engage people, design new narratives and deliver change for cities, sectors and stakeholders.

Who we are

and doers

We’re a purposely broad team of researchers, architects, designers, strategists, filmmakers, producers, planners, technologists and makers. The perfect balance of inquisitive minds to push new ways of thinking and experienced hands to deliver tangible interventions. Being broad ensures the outcome of our projects are defined by insights and opportunities, not by the skills of the team.

We use these skills to change policy, deliver physical interventions, shape places, tell stories and create technology for people . We communicate complexity through visions, film and stories.


Academic rigour with practical applications

We believe the best innovation happens at the intersection between people, place and purpose.

This philosophy, delivered through the Design Council’s established Double-Diamond Design methodology means we actually deliver change as well as academically rigorous thinking and models.

We’re (not) special!

Sometimes, simplicity is harder than complex

We don’t claim to be Einsteins. In fact what we do is simple. We talk to people to reframe challenges around their needs and deliver solutions that are more creative, relevant and align to key policy outcomes. But we do believe we’re unique. Cutting through the complexity is the hard part, and that’s what we do best.

We do this through four key pillars

Co Designing Policies and Strategies

We support governments and councils in citizen engagement to promote civically owned policies and strategies while shaping their focus.

Public Space and Wellbeing

We develop major urban plans and recommend human approaches to infrastructure projects right through to the delivery of tactical urban pilots that put wellbeing and mental health outcomes at the forefront of their impact.

Cultural Projects

We deliver culturally led interventions across scales and programmes, local narrative and community shaped in the form of art installations, buildings, places and festivals.

Technology for good

We develop digital platforms and tools which improve the way we do things with a social impact focus.

Our Client Partners

We're just getting started 

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